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One of the areas of confusion for people when buying CBD products is about the type of cannabidiol extract used in them. It is generally well known that full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD is better than CBD isolate. The former is better than the latter because of the entourage effect. These are generally whole-plant extracts and are popular options for alternative medicines and health supplements. Read on to know how one is better than the other.

Whole Plant Extract V/S Isolate

Cannabidiol is produced from the flowers of the hemp plant and whole plant extracts usually contain CBD, THC and other compounds such as terpenes and phenolics, they are full-spectrum extract. Whereas a broad-spectrum extract is a full-spectrum extract without THC. CBD isolate is 99% pure. 100ml of pure CBD is not equal to 100 ml of whole plant extract. For example, consider a complex condition like anxiety where a medium dose of CBD isolate is effective whereas high CBD dosage for anxiety is ineffective. Whole-plant CBD oil products are more effective at higher doses than pure CBD products because of the entourage effect, therefore more popular and commonly used.

Entourage Effects and Advantages

CBD has more than 65 target points across our body and the influence across them varies. The Entourage effect is because at some points as well as on some neurotransmitters the other compounds of the whole plant CBD extracts such as terpenes and phenolics are more effective. So, full-spectrum CBD products achieve the same outcome using complementary pathways. The other benefit of such products is they last longer in our body because CBD along with the other compounds is broken down by the same enzymes. Hence it lasts longer in our bloodstream and therefore long-lasting benefits.

The bioavailability of whole plant extracts is more than CBD isolate. Pure CBD products are less effective at higher doses because they may trigger anxiety-inducing neurotransmitters. There is also the possibility of mild side effects at elevated doses. Usually, full-spectrum CBD derivates are used in products used for the treatment of mood, sleep management, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory creams. But, CBD isolate is very effective in creams used in acne treatment because it is a very highly potent liquid and therefore has a high concentration of antioxidants is useful in skin regeneration. Full-spectrum CBD is very much used in wellness and lifestyle products whereas CBD isolates are generally used in medical products. High potent isolates or CBD concentrate are very fast-acting.

Final Thought

The factor that you have to consider when choosing between a whole plant extract and a CBD isolate is your specific need and CBD tolerance level.

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