How To Distinguish Between True CBD And Fake CBD?

True CBD And Fake CBD
True CBD And Fake CBD
True CBD And Fake CBD
True CBD And Fake CBD

The responsibility of CBD manufacturers and users have increased, as the market demand for CBD keeps on increasing. You have to anticipate the involvement of fraudster CBD manufacturers that sell low quality CBD products which could damage the health of the users.

As a CBD user, what can you do to distinguish true CBD from fake CBD? Here is a guide to help you.

Watch Out For Cheap Synthetic CBD

Low quality CBD brands lure the customers into buying their products by giving the following promises.

  • Low price
  • Cure for all diseases
  • Will be undetected in drug tests

Reputed CBD brands do not make unreasonable claims about their products but try to remain transparent about the products they manufacture. They get every batch of their CBD products tested by third party labs and give the results on their website for the users to check them before making the buying decision. Third party labs test for the presence of synthetic components, pesticides, heavy metals and microbes. In addition, they determine the percentage of constituent cannabinoids in the CBD product to help users match the percentages with that mentioned on the product label.


The group of synthetic cannabinoids known in different names like spice, Mr.Happy, K2 and Kronic poses serious risks to the health of the users. It was reported as a major cause of many people falling sick. The drug developed for research purposes is made from dried plant materials and sprayed with hallucinogenic chemicals.

It was after the production method of the drug published in some science journals that some fraudulent drug makers got the information about the drug. It was introduced into the market as marijuana that people rolled into joints and smoked. The drug is also sold in the form of a liquid that can be heated and inhaled in a vape pen.

Do Not Fall For ‘Free CBD’ Offers

CBD is not a cheap compound. Its extraction and manufacture is quite an expensive process, indicating that the cost of production will reflect in the price of the final products.

If you come across the following offers, raise your guards and check if the CBD brand is genuine.

  • Special discount that ends today
  • Limited period special offer
  • Best price, Limited offer

If you see offers like free trial of CBD oil, it is better to avoid buying it.

The carelessness you show during the CBD selection will reflect in your CBD experience. Stay informed about the malpractices in the CBD industry to make the right selection of CBD.

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