How To Determine If A CBD Product Is Vegan?

Vegan CBD
Vegan CBD
Vegan CBD
Vegan CBD

The vegan way of life is growing popular among people including CBD users. As CBD is an exclusive plant-derived compound, there is no doubt that it is vegan but the cannabidiol products that you get in the market have numerous ingredients that may not be necessarily plant-derived. The whole ingredient list has to be analyzed to decide if a CBD product is vegan or not.

How To Determine Whether A Packed CBD Edible Is Vegan?

Here is how you can decide on the nature of the packed CBD edible you buy from the stores.

Vegan Labeling

Inspect the product label and packaging. Make sure that the products you buy has “Certified Vegan” logo or says “Suitable for Vegans”. Packed CBD edibles may have preservatives and flavors that might be derived from animal sources.

Look For Allergen Information

Study the information at the bottom end of the ingredients for the list of allergens. If the product has milk, shellfish and eggs as ingredients, the label should plainly say “Contains milk, eggs and shellfish”.  This does not always apply for products containing meat but it is still useful.

Study The Ingredient List Thoroughly

Distinguishing between animal-derived and cruelty-free products can be confusing at first. Take for example, casein and milk powder. Both are dairy products. Learning the names of animal-derived products helps you select truly vegan products with relative ease.

Determining Whether Personal Care CBD Is Vegan Or Not

Some personal care and cosmetic CBD products may have animal-derived ingredients like beeswax and many more. Here is how you can find out the vegan nature of personal CBD products.

Study The Ingredient List And Look For Vegan Labeling

Look for products that come with “Certified Vegan” logo. Labeling products as “Vegan” or “Contains no animal ingredients” cannot be taken as an assurance.

Animal Testing

Buy products that come with People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) bunny logo or Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) leaping bunny logo because they assure that the product is vegan.

Use the shopping guides offered by PETA and CCIC to know about products that are guaranteed to be vegan. The term cruelty-free means that the product was not tested on animals and not necessarily that they do not have animal ingredients.

Several food ingredients like butter fat, gelatin, lactose, albumen, whey powder, bone char and Vitamin D3 are derived from animals and hence the presence of one or more of them in your CBD edible means that it is not vegan. Common animal derived ingredients in personal care products include beeswax, tallow, keratin, musk and pearls.

Have a clear understanding about the wide spectrum of animal ingredients that could be added to CBD products to ensure that you take vegan CBD only.

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