Making Sure That Your CBD Product Is Vegan

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Vegan CBD Product
Vegan CBD Product

The hype that the hemp CBD products make in the market lessens the chances for the product to go unnoticed while you shop at a local store. The therapeutic benefits of CBD are much celebrated and they inspire many people to try it. The consistent demand for CBD products makes CBD business a profitable one, and many people are getting into the business confidently.

CBD products are derived from plant source, but you cannot be sure if all the products are vegan. CBD edibles are favorites of many, and on checking the product label, you will find out that many of them contain animal derived ingredients.

Checking If Your CBD Edibles Are Vegan

CBD chocolate, gummies, cookies etc are some of the popular CBD edibles. They are made by adding a suitable dosage of CBD oil or any other suitable CBD product during their preparation. Edibles with and without CBD content come with some fancy chemical names in the label which sometimes make people mistake them to be vegan.

  • Albumen – It simply means egg whites, and is an ingredient of many baked products. If a product has albumen listed in the ingredients column, know that it is not a vegan CBD product.
  • Cultured dextrose – Dextrose is a plant material but cultured dextrose comes from dairy products and hence is not vegan.
  • Carmine – It is the red dye that is added into foods to add color, and is obtained from beetles. Some CBD edibles contain coloring agents like carmine making vegans say no to them.
  • Gelatin – Gelatin is obtained by boiling meat leftovers like bone and horns. CBD gummies is a fancy option in CBD edibles, and gelatin is usually used to make them.

Checking If Your CBD Cosmetics Are Vegan

  • Beeswax – It is common additive of several cosmetic products and needless to say, in some CBD cosmetics too. Beeswax is extracted by artificially inseminating the queen bee after cutting off her wings. So the next time you go shopping for a CBD cosmetic product, make sure that it does not contain beeswax.
  • Lanolin – It is well known for its moisturizing effects and is an ingredient of several skin creams and lotions. Lanolin is extracted from sheep wool, and thus CBD products with lanolin will not suit your vegan lifestyle.

If you are a strict follower of the vegan way of life, you have to be extra careful while you choose products for yourself.

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