What Is CBD Wax?


If you were to visit a CBD store, you would be amazed by the variety of products you are going to find there. The cannabinoid compound CBD is available in different forms in the market. Each of these forms has a characteristic intake method with specific bioavailability values.

In this article, we focus on CBD wax, a form of CBD concentrate.

Making Of CBD Wax

There are several extraction methods that can be used for making CBD wax.

CO2 extraction 

It is a highly preferred extraction method for producing CBD wax. It uses CO2 as the solvent that pulls cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids out of the hemp plant matter. There are three variants of CO2 extraction, supercritical, mid-critical, and subcritical extraction. Out of the three, supercritical extraction that involves high pressure and heat is mostly used by CBD manufacturers.

Butane Hash Oil Extraction 

Butane hash oil extraction uses butane for extracting terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids from hemp. The butane that is used in the extraction is left to evaporate so that the final product is free of it. Despite being a popular extraction method, butane hash oil extraction has a few downsides to it. Butane is a toxic substance and any traces of it remaining in the final hemp extract will make it toxic.

What Are The Different Types Of CBD Wax?

It is less likely to find products labeled “CBD wax”. Instead, manufacturers use different terms like “CBD budder”, “CBD shatter”, “CBD crumble” etc. Let us take a look at the different types of CBD wax:

CBD Budder

CBD budder is a fluffy wax with a consistency reminiscent of butter. Now you know how it got the name. CBD budder is made by purging hemp at very high temperatures.

CBD Shatter 

CBD shatter has a texture that resembles that of shattered glass. When shatter is heated for dabbing, it melts into a thick liquid that is similar to honey.

CBD Crumble

The extraction method of CBD crumble is similar to that of CBD budder but it uses pre-purged CBD oil of high moisture content and viscosity.

CBD Live Resin 

To make CBD live resin, hemp is freeze-dried prior to the extraction. It should be freeze-dried while it is fresh. The process ensures better preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes in the final extract.

Dabbing is the most commonly preferred method of using CBD wax.

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