CBD is vegan because it is taken out from industrial hemp. However, when animal-derived ingredients are mixed with the hemp-derived substance to make a product, it becomes non-vegan. For instance, some CBD products contain gelatin, which is a substance sourced from the tissues of animals. So these forms of CBD goods are not suitable for vegans, or strict vegetarians who even abstain from using animal-derived products. However, vegans have the option of gelatin-free cannabidiol goods to purchase.

There are other substances added to CBD products, making these goods non-vegan. We have published an article conveying which these substances are.

Vegans can find CBD tinctures, CBD oils, CBD gummies, and many other cannabidiol-filled products suitable for them. Guess what? There is even CBD toothpaste endorsed to vegans. You are perhaps an athlete curious about the things in CBD and whether these are suitable for your vegetarian or vegan diet. Do you need convincing on why it is a good move to make CBD a part of your diet? If yes, go through the post covering the benefits of doing so for athletes.

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