CBD And Pregnancy: Do They Go Along?

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CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

The various lists of CBD benefits are already well documented over the past several years. The science is still trying to keep abreast with the pace with which the CBD market is growing and thriving to what is now a $ 1 billion industry. There are researches that shower praise on the calming nature of the herbal medication and its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Exciting CBD news is popping up almost every other day.

 But one question that has been asked often by the growing CBD community is whether CBD is a safe and an effective alternative for pregnant women. After all, the magic of motherhood does come with its own share of anxiety attacks and intense bouts of pain occasionally. Can CBD help a carrying woman in need? Let us find out…

The Science

There are some sources that say that using CBD while pregnant is completely OK. But is it?

Between the years 2000-2017, a report showed the doubling of cannabis consumption in the US. Why am I taking cannabis and not CBD? That is because, there are traces of THC in most CBD product, and definitely in cannabis too. This will give us a common ground to compare the two. What was the conclusion of the study? The women who took cannabis products during the pregnancy term were plagued by symptoms of nausea and discomfort in general; not to mention the learning, coordination and motor control difficulties that the children ended up suffering.

There is current research that is in agreement to what has been studied and they all agree to the same thing: consuming cannabis and its derivatives during pregnancy can be severely dangerous to foetal development.

Understanding The ‘Why’?

The reason why this happens is because of the closeness of the mother with the still yet to be born child. The mother and child are closely connected and the nourishment is passed onto the child by means of the umbilical cord, to help sustain and allow development. Whatever the mother puts into her body eventually ends up in the child as well. This is the reason why it is said that you must not indulge in alcohol, cigarette or any substance abuse when carrying as this will adversely affect the child.

Consuming CBD, although true and innocent in its intentions can be a risk. The science that proves this not to be the case is still conflicting. Until and unless the science is conclusive and in agreement for the use of CBD, stay away!

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