Why CBD Will Make You Happy

How CBD Works
How CBD Works
How CBD Works
How CBD Works

If you have seen it in an ad or in the aisles of your local health store, you simply can’t switch off the ever-growing buzz that CBD has created. So big that CBD has become, that Coca-Cola executives are actually in boardrooms discussing about making beverages that contain CBD in them. CBD benefits could be a reason for the rest of the world to smiling from ear to ear.

A Quick Refresher Course on CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. The extract is actually only one of the 100 or so unique compounds that you will find, and they are collectively called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids help to promote health and helps to increase the resistance of users to their environment by means of binding to the cell receptors in their body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Discovered only as recent as 1992, the ECS is the system that keeps the body in a state of balance or homeostasis by means of regulating the basic body functions such as mood, pain, sleep, memory and appetite. You can consider it to be the master control of the body.

The Bliss Molecule And CBD

How CBD works is primarily in two ways. In addition to helping the cell receptors restore the body’s chemical balance, it also prevents the breakdown of a compound that is called anandamide—this allows it to build up and reach effective levels.

 The name Anandamide comes from the Sanskrit languages ananda, which means happiness, delight and joy. How is it that CBD unlocks this ‘bliss molecule’?

It works like this.

There is an enzyme called fatty acid amide hydrolase or FAAH. Once the anandamide makes its way into a cell, the FAAH begins to break it down into simpler forms. You can take the FAAH to be the party pooper, of sorts. The good news is that CBD interferes with FAAH’s ability to break down the anandamide. This will let the naturally-produced bliss to prolong for a longer time.

It has been found that by means of preventing the breakdown of anandamide in the body, the body can improve mood and reduce stress greatly.

CBD won’t make you high, and it will promote your body’s ability to get high on life! This is why it is claimed by many that CBD can make you happy.

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