Everything You Need To Know About Different Methods For Taking CBD

Methods For Taking CBD
Methods For Taking CBD
Methods For Taking CBD
Methods For Taking CBD

People are looking for different ways to take CBD that can give them all the benefits of this hemp-derived compound effectively. They use a variety of methods to consume CBD. You can choose a method based on your requirements and convenience. The wide range of CBD products makes it possible for you to take CBD in a way that you please.

CBD is now being used by people for treating a lot of health conditions. It includes pain, inflammation, heart diseases, nausea, skin diseases, sleeping disorders, seizures, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Hence, you can choose a method to take CBD based on the condition you want to treat with this compound.

Some of the popular ways to take CBD include vaping, smoking, oral consumption, sublingual method, and topical application. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks. You have to be aware of them for knowing the ideal choice for you. Hence, we provide you a list of some of the common methods for taking CBD and all the important information you want to know about them.

Oral Consumption

This is one of the commonly used CBD delivery methods. A lot of CBD products are available in the market that you can consume orally. You may choose to take CBD oil, tincture, or isolates directly through your mouth. There are also different CBD edibles and drinks that are designed to make oral CBD consumption easier. Some of the popular CBD edibles available in the market include gummies, candies, lollipops, brownies, etc. CBD drinks like CBD tea, coffee, soft drinks, CBD water, etc. are also easily available now.

This method is the slowest method among all the methods that are used to take CBD internally. It can take almost one hour to give results. Here, the CBD will be absorbed into the bloodstream only after the product you consume has undergone digestion and metabolism. Therefore, it will take more time for CBD to reach the bloodstream and give the desired benefits. In addition to this, the concentration of CBD reaching your bloodstream will be low when you take CBD orally. Therefore, the bioavailability will be less for this method, hence, you may not get intense results when compared to other methods like vaping or smoking.

Oral consumption is ideal for people who want slow and long-lasting effects. The effects will last for almost six hours when you take CBD orally. This method can be suitable for you if you are planning to take CBD for a long time.

Considerations To Make:

When choosing to take CBD orally, there are some considerations for you to make. If you want to increase the absorption of CBD, it is better to consume it on a full stomach or with other foods. This will be beneficial for facilitating the absorption of more CBD into the bloodstream. Also, having fatty foods can increase absorption three times.

The possibility of drug interactions is more when you take CBD orally than other methods. Hence, do not take CBD along with drugs that have grapefruit warning.

Sublingual Or Buccal

These methods provide fast results and more bioavailability when compared to oral consumption. In the sublingual method, you have to hold a few drops of CBD sublingual drops under your tongue for a few seconds. This will help the capillaries in your mouth to directly absorb CBD into your bloodstream. Hence, it will bypass digestion and metabolism. As a result, you can get fast and intense results.

When you take CBD sublingually, the effects can last up to almost 5 hours. You will start to get the benefits within 15-30 minutes. CBD products like oils, tinctures, isolates, etc. are suitable for sublingual consumption.

Taking CBD using the buccal method is similar to taking it sublingually. Here, you will be holding the CBD oil drops against your cheeks. The sublingual method is more effective than this method.

Considerations To Make:

If you want to increase the bioavailability when taking CBD using these methods, hold the CBD oil in your mouth as long as possible before swallowing. Also, the absorption will be more if the person has eaten recently, as chewing will increase the blood flow to your mouth thereby facilitating the easy absorption of CBD. In addition to this, swishing the CBD around your mouth can increase the surface contact between the capillaries in your mouth and oil which can be useful for increasing the absorption.


Inhaling CBD vapors or smoke is considered to be the most efficient and effective way for taking CBD. It can provide instant and intense results. Also, bioavailability will be high for this method thereby reducing the wastage of CBD. You can get CBD cigarettes, vape pens, vape juice, etc. from the market that can help you to easily have CBD smoke or vapors.

Considerations To Make:

It is not suitable for people who have lung problems. Also, this method may not be suitable for long-term use, as CBD smoke and vapors can contain compounds that are harmful to your body.

People use a variety of methods for taking CBD. Each of these methods has its own peculiarities and qualities. So you should choose a method that fits you the best.

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