How To Avoid Testing Positive In Drug Test On Taking CBD?

Drug Test Failure On Taking CBD
Drug Test Failure On Taking CBD
Drug Test Failure On Taking CBD
Drug Test Failure On Taking CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is derived from cannabis plants and there are about 113 cannabinoids including CBD in cannabis. Needles to say, the plants have various terpenes and flavonoids. This is why a market item being mentioned as a cannabidiol product does not necessarily mean that its exclusive content is cannabidiol. It may or may not contain cannabis compounds other than CBD, depending on the spectrum option they belong to.

What Is The Relation Between The CBD Spectrum Option And Drug Test Result?

THC is an intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Its presence in high concentration in one’s body causes euphoric effects, generally termed as a high. The cannabis drug tests screen for the presence of THC in our bodies.

Both the hemp and marijuana plants can be used as CBD sources. Because marijuana has high THC levels, taking cannabidiol products derived from marijuana will deliver high THC amounts and lead to drug test failure. However, hemp has high amounts of CBD and a minimal percentage of THC. So, you will not fail in a drug test if you take pure CBD products.

Here are the three hemp CBD spectrum options.

  • Full spectrum CBD: Because it has all essential hemp cannabinoids, there will be a minute presence (less than 0.3%) of THC in it. Although this cannot cause a high, you could still end up testing positive in drug tests.
  • Broad spectrum CBD: It has all full spectrum compounds except THC, which means you do not have to worry about a drug test failure.
  • CBD isolate: It has CBD as its exclusive compound. Hence the fear of testing positive in drug tests is unnecessary.

How To A Avoid A Drug Test Failure On Taking CBD?

Here are some of the measures you can take to avoid failing in drug tests on taking CBD.

  • Take enough time and research your product: Study the product label to find out the spectrum option of the CBD product you have selected. Choose THC free options, CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD. Look up the lab test results of the product to confirm its spectrum. If the information is not present, the credibility of the manufacturer is in doubt. Do not buy the product.
  • Learn about the manufacturing process: You may either study the lab report of the product or contact the manufacturer to know about the production process employed. Inquire about the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Perform drug test at home: Several drug test kits that can be used at home are available in the market. You can buy one and test yourself, especially if your profession demands that you take regular drug tests.

Considering the above things, make reasonable CBD choices by taking various factors including your profession and medical condition into account.

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